Biochar adsorbents for nutrient uptake

The nutrient absorption capacity of biochar will be assessed by VTT who will make a comparative study of the capacities of activated and non-processed biochar from the pyrolysis of biomass. Activation and characterisation will take place at VTT’s pilot premises (fig) and the efficiency tested with nutrient spiked water.

Membrane-based solutions will be compared to nutrient adsorption of activated and non-processed biochar from pyrolysis of biomass. Furthermore, the WVSI-WRC model will be used to characterise the performance of the membrane and activated biochar’s performance for nutrient capture to give quantified assessments for their improvement on surface adsorption capacities. The assessments will provide information for further product design and manufacturing.

ALCN will test nutrient loading techniques using secondary nutrients captured from agricultural waste, thus boosting the effect of biochar as soil amendment while also closing nutrient loops and driving forward the transition towards a circular economy.

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